We’re thrilled to introduce the Hardfin Engineering blog! Here, we’ll share posts about our development practices, systems, software stack, infrastructure, and security. Our focus will be:

  • interesting engineering challenges, and the lessons we learned while solving them
  • open source tools and libraries we’ve created and contributed to
  • deep dives on key engineering decisions we’ve made, and the frameworks we use to make them

Happy reading!

Our engineering principles

  • Keep things simple. Complex codebases, tools, and systems are hard to understand, and hard to change. We make technology and architecture decisions that optimize for clarity and maintainability.
  • Keep developers happy. We take stack decisions seriously. We invest in our tools and continuously work to improve developer experience and reduce toil.

What motivates us

Both within the engineering organization and beyond we value:

  • Good people. We hold integrity as our foremost value. We are good to others, even as we do excellent work, change an industry, provide direct feedback, and communicate clearly.
  • Excellent work. We keep a high bar for everything we produce.
  • Personal and professional growth. We improve each other — as colleagues and as people. We give and receive direct, constructive feedback. Personal success is success.
  • Clear communication. We insist on open communication. It’s important that we all be on the same page. We take the time to share, explain, and document everything.

The Hardfin platform

Hardfin is a B2B fintech platform for equipment manufacturers (e.g., robotics companies, 3D printing companies) to offer white-label subscriptions for their hardware. The hardware industry is moving to subscriptions (i.e., hardware-as-a-service) but is behind the software industry because subscriptions are so much harder to implement for physical assets than pure software.

Global equipment leaders — such as the agriculture and construction giants — have teams of people to run in-house financing and leasing operations. Tech-forward players — such as upstart robotics and 3D printing companies — have started to put together subscription solutions by tying together internal software with spreadsheets. But no manufacturer has cracked the code to create a seamless digital customer experience.

Hardfin cracks the code. We solve complex system and data integration problems for our customers and enable smooth subscriptions for all teams (sales, operations, engineering, finance). Our platform unlocks new capabilities for the equipment industry to transition to modern business models.